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Equities First Holdings is a company that specializes in lending solutions to other organizations and investors. Stock-based solutions are what they mostly deal with. Their services are supplied all over the world. Indianapolis, Indiana is the main headquarter of Equities First Holdings. However the rest of the offices are in HongKong, London, Singapore and Sydney.

If you are ready to work and corporate in your business, you are privileged to get an alternative capital from Equities First as an investor. The company has gathered an income of $1.4 billion I conclusion of finishing more that 1000 transactions since the year begun. Al Christy Jr is the founder of the firm, it was founded in 2002 and as the founder he is far managing more than 50 employees.Potential investors are able to get starting capital from the company to begin their business Since the company deals with stock-based lending solutions, the capital that they provide is interest fixed and therefore making the ratio high. The client’s needs are first looked into before any other thing, Equities First Holding makes sure that their customers are treated and attended to well. Stock –based loans differ with margin loans, few tend to confuse between the two. There are no limitation nor restrictions when it comes to stock-based loans, whereby their interest proportion varies from to 4 %.

The clients who get the stock-based loans have the liberty of acquiring an advanced lending capital even in the case of a low level of stock prices. Stock-based loans’ ratio is from 50 to 75%. However margin loans have limitations as well as restrictions. The capital of margin loans is meant for particular purposes. Their loan to value ratio ranges from 10 to 50%. Those who get the margin loans complete their duty that entails deposit prior to no notice.

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