Eric Pulier Teaches Young People His Secrets

One of the best ways to become great at something is to learn from someone who is already great at it. Therefore, many young entrepreneurs are always seeking guidance from Eric Pulier. This is because he has proven himself to be one of the leaders in the tech startup industry. Very few people have been able to launch as many successful startups as him. This has made his advice highly sought after by people who are attempting to get their own tech startups launched. Eric remembers how it was for him when he was first getting started. He is happy to give young people the advice that he never had when he was their age.

Eric has been giving lectures to young entrepreneurs for quite a few years. He says that he finds this much easier than answering every email he receives. He also posts blogs on his own site that offer advice on a variety of topics related to launching a startup company. These topics range from financing the startup to methods you can use to promote your new startup for little or no money. He has also revealed many of the techniques he used to launch sites like Desktone, Akana and ServiceMesh. This has come as a shock to many industry insiders. However, Pulier has said that he has already made a lot of money by selling his startups. Now he feels it is time to pass some of his secrets down to people who can use it to their advantage.

Pulier is a Harvard graduate with a degree in English literature. He got into the tech startup industry shortly after completing his studies. He enjoys the enthusiasm that young people have towards what he has dedicated his life to doing. He has said that he feels obligated to give lectures to young people and answer their questions. His speaking engagements usually take place at colleges and tech conventions. He has also spoken at several conventions for entrepreneurs. Eric has used these speaking engagements to his own advantage. He has hired numerous young people that he has met.

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