How Eric Pulier Rose To The Top Of The Software Industry

Standing Out In The Crowd

The most interesting thing about Eric Pulier is that he started programming at a young age and has made a name for himself as one of the most talented programmers around. There aren’t many people who can say they started programming in elementary school and there aren’t many people who can say they have created successful companies since their teens. He is further distinguished by his frequent use of software charitable causes such as the Starbright World social network. In fact, that was the first private social network in the world. In these ways he has managed to stand out.



A Jack Of All Trades

The most important thing to understand about Eric Pulier is the sheer variety of patents he holds. He has worked in just about every single category of software there is. He has built remote desktop software and he has also done his part to create software for communications as well. That variety has given him the versatility needed to consistently create and invest in companies that generate millions of dollars every year.



He Remains On Top Of It All

Even today Eric Pulier is at the center of the software industry and continues to attract headlines for his consistent ability to generate profits and come up with entirely new ideas. He has little in terms of competition but he is always pushing himself. Beyond his work as a software developer Pulier is also the father of four children. He has dedicated himself to making their lives better by changing the world around him in order to make sure that he leaves a legacy his children can be proud of.



About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a software developer known for the numerous startups he has created and the patents he has attached his name to. He began programming at a young age and started his first company before he was even out of high school. That talent carried him a long way and eventually he continues to stand out for his innovation. See More Info.


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