Kim Dao Visits Popular Tokyo Hot Spring Spa

Sometimes everyone needs to just relax in a nice warm bath. That’s certainly what Kim Dao needed in one of her latest YouTube videos. In her video entitled “JAPAN HOT SPRING | Onsen in TOKYO | Ft. Sunnydahye,” she travels to one of Tokyo’s finest hot springs with her good friend Sunny.

Kim Dao records her half-day trip to the natural hot springs of Oedo Onsen in Tokyo. Both Kim and Sunny first have to take their shoes and then check in. Kim Dao explains that there are both indoor and outdoor hot springs to choose from. She also says all guests have to wear traditional yukatas.

After they get their armbands, Kim Dao and Sunny choose their yukatas and obis. The friends then take a long footbath in the soothing waters outdoors. They also purchase 1,500¥ fish foot massage. The fish actually eat off the dead skin on your feet, so your feet feel super smooth after a few minutes.

Kim Dao and Sunny then try to win a few games. Unfortunately, they don’t do so well at darts and only win a few glow sticks.

For dinner, Kim Dao and Sunny decide to eat some Korean food. Kim Dao then shows viewers around the main hall with all of its gaming rooms and restaurants.

Finally, the friends go in the “onsen” (aka hot spring). Both Kim Dao and Sunny explain the whole onsen experience afterwards so you won’t feel awkward when trying it out for yourself. Just be aware, the particular onsen Kim Dao went to doesn’t allow anyone with tattoos.

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