Fun At Christmas

It’s not Christmas without Santa. Dress up any red party cup with a Santa costume. Paint a button gold or find a gold button in the store. Hot glue a strip of black ribbon around the middle of the cup, attaching the button over the ribbon. The cup will look like Santa’s coat.


There’s something comforting about hot chocolate and marshmallows. Instead of ordinary marshmallows, make a snowman from three larger ones and a few short pieces of straw that are attached for the arms and legs. Candy corn and chocolate icing can be used to decorate your snowman. Mason jars are ideal for creating an amazing light display. Trace an outline of a Christmas image onto a piece of book wrapping. Cut out the image, and stick it to the outside of the jar. Spray a light coat of fake snow on the outside of the jar. When you remove the image, you’re left with the outline of what you cut out. Tie bells to the ends of two different colors of ribbons, tying the ribbons around the top of the jar when you’re done. Put an LED candle inside the jar, replace the lid, and set the jar on a table for a beautiful Christmas decoration. Make a fun gift container using a toilet paper roll. This is ideal for smaller items. Squash the roll flat, closing off one end before putting the gift inside the roll. Close off the other end, and wrap the center of the roll with paper and a ribbon.


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