Goettl merger allows both companies to epxand

The climate of the Southwestern United States is known for being hot and dry. Las Vegas, being farther north than what many people think of as the Southwest, occasionally experiences slightly cooler temperatures. Even though it experiences cooler temperatures than Santa Fe or Phoenix on occasion, it still exists in a desert. The Goettl brothers started keeping the residents of Las Vegas cool in 1939. As many historical buffs know, this was the year the United States started to pull out of the Great Depression. The lend-lease program had a great deal to do with ending the economic catastrophe, but there were no economic woes by the time the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

No world-spanning wars have taken place since the end of World War II, although economic hard times have come and gone since then. The Goettl brothers provided high-quality service to their customers for many years. The current Goettl CEO, Ken Goodrich, showed that the end of the current rough times might be coming to an end. He spent many months negotiating with Sam Gamst before acquiring Las Vegas Air and Paradise.

The members of the CEO pair knew each other for many years before the merger took place earlier this month. While mergers often mean many people end up on the unemployment line, job losses were kept extremely low. The few losses that occurred were incurred to eliminate redundancy.

The merger allows the firms to expand their focus beyond offering air conditioning and HVAC services throughout the Southwest. The new company plans to offer plumbing services to its customers. Clients of Las Vegas Air and Paradise will now have their contracts fulfilled by Goettl HVAC contractors.

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