Thor Halvorssen Looks To Technology Executives To Fight For Human Rights

The human rights activist community, like any other not for profit area, are always looking for new donors and to extend the partnerships they have established with existing financial backers. Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation he established in 2005 are always looking to bring new donors and experts into the world of human rights activism as the founder himself believes the changing face of technology around the world can have a major impact on how the human rights community will focus its aims and good works in the future. Watch Video Here .

Thor is a respected film producer with links to some of the most successful people in Hollywood, and also looks to Silicon Valley and other areas where new technologies are being developed to make sure they are always using technologies open to almost everybody. A good example of how the technology industry can be affected by Thor Halvorssen is seen in the way Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales met a group of North Korean dissidents at the Oslo Freedom Forum Halvorssen founded in 2009; Wales and the North Korean group now work together to produce a range of USB memory sticks filled with information that can be used to aid in changing society within the oppressed country.

The work of Halvorssen is not solely linked to the Oslo Freedom Forum, but also sees the Human Rights Foundation bring together different groups to work on campaigns who may not have a history of being involved in human rights activism. The “Hack North Korea” event that was held by the Human Rights Foundation saw technology experts and North Korean human rights campaigners meet to find new ways of using new technologies to assist in the way the campaign to free the people of North Korea can be moved forward in the coming years. for more .

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