Stay Invested In Fundamentally Strong Companies To Strengthen Your Investment Portfolio

Warren Buffett recently said that he would give $1 million to charity as a means of wagering if he is not able to gain better returns than what hedge fund managers can provide by simply investing in the S&P 500 Passive Index Fund. And, it looks like he is right. He is correct in a way because many funds are too expensive and are harming the clients’ portfolio more than it helps.

Warren Buffett has been committed to keeping the investment cost low and focuses on high returns, and it’s commendable. His strategies over the years have worked for him and helped others learn how to stay focused on investment and rely on thorough analysis before making an investment. Warren Buffet believes in investing in companies that are fundamentally strong and asks to stay invested for long. It is how he has generated wealth over the years through the accumulation of profits.

Tim Armour, also one of the reputed financial analyst and consultant, is of the same opinion. He is the chairman of the Capital Group and also serves as its CEO. He holds bachelor’s in Economics from the Middlebury College. The Capital Group is active in many of the major cities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. It has over $1.4 Trillion in assets under management, and Tim Armour is helping the company expand its global operations into new territories and regions. He has helped the company make many strategic decisions and steps that have made Capital Group, one of the biggest finance enterprises in the world.

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