Fashion Magnate Chris Burch is the Owner of the Word’s Best Five-Star Resort Based in Indonesian Island

After unveiling, co-founding, and funding many globally recognized retail brands, including Tory Burch and C. Wonder, Chris Burch is dedicating his time and resources towards the hospitality industry. In 2012, Chris collaborated with James McBride in purchasing a beach hostel located in Sumba’s Indonesian Island. The two entrepreneurs invested $30 million in upgrading the hostel and officially launched it as a five-star resort dubbed Nihiwatu back in 2015. A year later, the Travel + Leisure recognized it as the leading hotel across the globe.


Chris Burch’s sentiments


Speaking to Business Jet Traveler back in 2015, Chris Burch confirmed that he bought the property for his children. He also said that his plans were to invest in the property and start supporting community initiatives. He added that the Indonesian Island offers many opportunities for establishing unique structures and turning the area into a tourism powerhouse. Burch was happy with the strides that Nihiwatu had made since it officially began its operations.


What makes Nihiwatu exceptional?


Nihiwatu boasts of 27 private villas, comprising of Chris’ private home and Raja Mendaka. The private home consists of the main house and four extra villas, with a private plunge pool in each. Wall Street Journal revealed that Chris balances his rigorous schedule between the Hamptons, Miami, as well as his Indonesia-based resort. Nihiwatu, known by many as “The Edge of Wilderness,” is strategically situated on the Sumba’s west coast. A percentage of the profits generated by the hotel go to Sumba Foundation.


Chris Burch: The World’s leading entrepreneur


Chris Burch is an entrepreneurial genius. He boasts deep-rooted business knowledge and expertise across different sectors, such as technology, finance, housing, and fashion. His career dates back to when he was a degree student at the esteemed Ithaca College. Chris and Bob, his brother, formed a fashion startup called Eagles Eye Apparel. Under their insightful and ambitious leadership, the startup expanded to other Universities and towns. Its net worth was $165, at the time Chris and his brother sold it.


Nowadays, Chris helps in making crucial decisions and creating growth strategies at Burch Creative Capital. He acts as the principal of this premier company that boasts of one of a kind brand portfolio, consisting of Nihiwatu, ED, Poppin, and Cocoon. Chris Burch is a committed supporter of education initiatives. He handed out $1.3 million to his former school, the Tilton School, and sat on the Board of Trustees of the school between 1982 and 1985.

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