Avi Weisfogel Discussess Daily Routine And DSM’s Founding With Ideamensch

Among some of the most unusual entrepreneurs interviewed at Ideamensch are sleep medicine consultant and former dentist Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Weisfogel has been studying sleep apnea and other disorders for several years and he saw how his experience in dentistry could help him understand the complexities behind sleep science. He started Dental Sleep Masters where he shares his knowledge through video conferences and publications that are disseminated to various sleep doctors across the world. Most recently he’s explored oral appliances that are comfortable and non-intrusive to help patients dealing with obstructed airways and certain health issues. Ideamensch decided to interview Dr. Weisfogel to find out more about his background and his routine at DSM. Watch Video Here .

Dr. Weisfogel uses the old-fashioned method of writing every idea that comes to him on paper though his ideal business app would be one that could take those notes and organize them into an outlined electronic document. He said his knowledge of marketing combined with seeing an area in sleep research that wasn’t being talked about led him to start DSM and he felt he could succeed with it. While he was known as one of New Jersey’s finest dentists, he told Ideamensch it was actually the worst job he had because he was never excited about it. His routine often involves moments of silence and prayer in the mornings while also discussing his goals with a life coach, and then he schedules the rest of his day including meetings and reports.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was exposed to medical practice and technology as a young man as his father was a radiologist. He had considered becoming a psychologist because he was fascinated with the world of thought and even had a bachelor’s degree in the field from Rutgers along with another in biology, but he eventually settled on becoming a dentist. He received his DDS from the College of Dentistry at NYU and then opened an office in Old Bridge, NJ in 1999. His professional services and compassion that he and his office exhibited earned him the Best Dentist award numerous times. Weisfogel also became involved in local charities and also joined the GoFundMe drive to support Operation Smile. for more.

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