Igor Cornelsen Guides Investors Through Brazilian Investing

In the 21st century, the investment and financial industry is evolving at a fast rate as developing economies finally make their big break into the upper echelons of major economic success stories. Igor Cornelsen believes many investors should follow the trend for looking outside the U.S. and Europe when making investments and look a little more closely at the options available in his home country of Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen has been a major part of the Brazilian banking industry for a number of decades after rising to the highest levels of the industry through his roles with a number of the largest banks in the country. Cornelsen achieved a high level of success even in difficult times for the Brazilian nation and achieved large profits for each bank he worked with due to his diligent use of a successful long term investment strategy.


Over the course of recent years Igor Cornelsen stepped back from his executive roles with top Brazilian banks and instead moved to southern Florida where he planned to enjoy a retirement of sunshine and golf; however, the need to play a role in the financial industry saw him work with Bainbridge Investments to help investors learn more about their own financial situation.


For those looking to invest in the Brazilian economy Igor Cornelsen explains there are a few things it is important to understand, including the fact the country is extremely entrepreneurial and social; entering the business community should be easy as locals are always looking for new investors and people to meet and greet. Cornelsen also explains red tape can cause some delays and issues, but it is important for investors to remember they are liable to receive a major payoff for any investment they make. Foreign currency can also be a difficult aspect to grasp, in the view of Igor Cornelsen, who explains looking around for the best rate in foreign exchange can payoff for an investor.

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