Nine9: A Dream Come True For Fresh Talent

Anthony Toma is founder/CEO of Nine9. It is a company that provides talent services and is revolutionizing the way models, and actors represented in the showbiz industry. A successful entrepreneur and businessman, Anthony has owned many businesses across numerous industries including service, retail, and showbiz. He worked with industry leaders in entertainment, and he is zealous about opening new opportunities and doors for everybody with ambition, heart, and willingness to invest and believe in themselves.

The idea for Nine9 Talent Agency came about when Anthony was in the grocery business and looking for a franchise opportunity in the food industry that had organized elements on the business side. But he ended up owning a franchise that was related to modeling and acting. The fact that you do not need money to begin a business is completely amazing. You can begin with next to nothing, and that is what Anthony did when he first took the franchise for modeling and acting. He always said that everybody has an opportunity to think about the idea, do hard work to make it real, reap the paybacks, and bring a helpful, productive idea to life that’ll benefit others. Visit Nine9 Offices .

The Nine9 mission is clear as a summer sky. A huge number of actors and models don’t hire an agency because they can’t afford them. Nine9 is assisting them to step in the showbiz industry. Nine9 provides opportunities and, tools and support to fresh actors to start and advance their careers in the entertainment industry. Nine9 Twitter .

At Nine9, they believe that there is power in numbers if you can use them proficiently and 99% is, of course, greater than any other combination of two digits. When in 2003, Anthony Toma established Nine9 the mission was to give resources and tools for an ambitious talent in search for success. Over a decade since them, Nine9 grew to become a renowned leader in castings globally. for more.

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