Investment Management in Brazil under the leadership of Cassio Audi

An Overview of Brazil’s Economy

Brazil holds the eighth position worldwide with regard to its investment management. It has a very broad economy with all categories of industries including mining, agribusiness, retail, oil, and gas among others. The country has a proficient team that manages its assets effectively. Brazil’s location is also an advantageous factor as Latin America is a region that is very attractive for investors across the globe.

Over the years, the country has come out to be a force to reckon as a financial player globally. It has a diversified economy in combination with a well-established consumer market. The domestic market has a high spending ability as the wages are rising and unemployment levels are very low.

Tactics Employed by Brazil in Managing its Investments

Brazil has been able to withstand the storm that hit the economy internationally and mitigate its effects due to its regularized financial system. It is closely monitored to ensure that no gaps are overlooked.

The government of Brazil also offers incentives to potential investors and eliminates federal taxes. In doing so, it makes the country more appealing to foreign investors. It also promotes exportation and importation of goods in the country and as such, grows economically.

As mentioned earlier, Brazil keeps a tight leash on its regulations. Monetary policies are followed to the letter, a considerable amount of bureaucracy and documentation are implemented on all operations. Copyright, patent, and trademark are readily provided to curb any form of piracy.

Financial institutions and banks are all regulated by a central bank, which operates under strict supervision by the government. They are widely ranged to suit all types of investors. Brazil’s financial network is widely ranged and trustworthy.

About Cassio Audi


Cassio Audi kicked off his career in 1992 as the Senior Analyst at FP&E Asset Management, after which he moved to Gillette Company in the year 1997 where he served as the Finance Director. In 2008, he joined SAP Company in the United Arab Emirates where he held the position of a HR Director.

In 2006, he served as a Chief Financial Officer at Brascan Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc, after which he joined Rossi Commercial Properties as a Chief Financial Officer. He currently serves as the Managing Director of GVMI Real Estate Company.

Mr. Audi is a holder of a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC).

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