Susan McGalla and the Legacy that She is Building

Susan McGalla has been a very bright light in the retail clothing industry. She has made her way to the top, and she is giving very sound advice to any other women that are trying to break into this type of business.


Many might say that she serves as a motivation for any woman that may have thought that they could not become successful in this industry. Susan has proven over the years that she has what it takes, and she is willing to help all that are interested in listening.


Susan McGalla definitely places a huge emphasis on education. She believes that anyone that is going to get into marketing must be familiar with college-level concepts in which marketing is discussed. Women that are trying to build brands and increase brand awareness must be aware of the Four P’s of Marketing.


Susan knows about the retail industry because she has been a leader in this area for decades. She has held different positions like CEO and Vice President for different organizations, and it appears that she is a certified leader in consulting on brand building. This has made her one of the most sought-after leaders when it comes to creating an image and building a presence with customers.


Much of the experience that she has gained in building brands and successfully taking company to the next stage has been through her time with American Eagle Outfitters. This is a company where she worked her way up into the role of CEO, and she made the board of directors for American Eagle Outfitters very happy. They were all sad to see her go because she was someone that set profit levels on a new high. She was a strong leader that was hard to replace, and her legacy still stands.

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