Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces New Partnership

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently announced a new partnership that has the potential to greatly improve the treatment experience for their patients. They have partnered with Nanthealth and Allscripts to create an innovative new oncology treatment platform.

The platform is known as Clinical Pathways. It will include all of the approved treatment methods that meet the center’s quality of care standards. In addition, it will also include relevant clinical data like side effects, efficacy, and known complications. It will also offer a detailed cost analysis for each treatment plan.

Armed with this information, physicians can quickly and easily review all of the available options available with their patients. In turn, this will allow patients to make an informed decision as to which treatment option is best suited for their unique needs. This will lead to an improvement in patient care and experience.

Once a decision is made, insurance companies are given access to the patients file using the platform. They will have access to all the relevant clinical details to make a quick decision regarding the approval of the insurance claim. This further improves the patient experience and results in an overall improvement of the process.

By adopting a new and innovative platform, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is putting relevant knowledge in the hands of their patients and physicians. This will allow all parties involved to make decisions in a timely manner and reduce the stress involved during this difficult process.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based out of Boca Raton, Florida. Their network of five hospitals is frequently rated among some of the highest in the country. They specialize in the treatment of adult cancer cases.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for using some of the most state of the art procedures available today. This includes chemo, radiation, and immunotherapy treatments.

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