Equities First Holdings A Leader in Alternative Financing

To obtain a loan from a financial institution, one has to fill a lot of paperwork and offer collateral that is of equivalent or exceeding value to the money one is borrowing. The financial institutions also require the borrower to pay the loan with a fixed interest. It’s a lengthy and a complex process that may end up with negative outcomes.

That’s not the case with Equities First Holdings. Just like the name suggests, the financial institution accepts equities as collateral for the loan. Equities First Holding has been a leader in alternative financing to high-net-worth individuals who seek non-purpose capital.

The borrower chooses to enter into a contract with Equities First Holdings if he/she holds shares of a particular company and believes that the stocks will appreciate in value in the near future. Rather than liquidating the shares, the borrower transfers the shares to Equities First Holdings to be held as collateral.

What makes Equities First Holdings stand out from the rest is because of the security that the client receives. When the stock held as collateral appreciates during the loan period, the borrower will retain the full market value of the stock at maturity. The borrower also enjoys lower interest rates on loan, compared to other lending services.

The fact that the capital offered is a non-purpose capital the client has the flexibility of using and investing the money in what he or she sees fit. Equities First Holdings has succeeded in providing an alternative financing that is attractive and affordable to their clients. for more .

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