Omar Yunes, Best Franchisee of the Year and Diverse Entrepreneur

Winner of Best Franchisee of the Year

Omar Yunes won the title and award for Best Franchisee of the World, at the event held in Florence, Italy in December, 2015. Yunes, franchisee and owner of 13 restaurants of the Sushi Itto Japanese food franchise, became a franchisee of the chain when he was 21 years old. Today those restaurants are serviced by 400 employees and have earned a reputation for exceptional service and outstanding Japanese cuisine.

The event received entrants from 34 other nations in the Americas and Europe. The contestants were evaluated across various categories in terms of their contributions to their franchises in areas such as the ability to motivate their employees and knowledge and improvements resulting in operational efficiencies. In his reception speech, Yunes acknowledged that the efforts of the 400 employees of the chain that were to be credited as much as himself for the franchisee award.

Best Franchise of the World

Best Franchise of the World is an annual event organized to recognize the managers of global brands of various regions for their achievements that have resulted in exceptional franchise performance. The primary criteria used in the award process has been selected to recognize leadership, teamwork and innovative processes that result in distinguished morale and devotion of the franchises.

Diverse Business Achievements

Yunes other related business accomplishments include opening the first Quiznos franchise in Plaza Oasis located in Mexico City in 2015. Additionally, Omar Yunes participates in the management of Atma Real Estate, a sole proprietorship with offices in Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida. Atma Real Estate is an investment network with development projects in the United States and Central and South America. He is also author of the publication “Franquicias, Negocios Know How” providing insights into and strategic specifics of franchise negotiation.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a Mexican born national and has been a franchisee owner of Sushi Itto since 2000. He has also been the CEO of Planta De Ideas since 2008 and Managing Partner at Atma Real Estate since 2011. Yunes has diplomas and degrees from IPADE and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

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