Month: May 2017

Equities First Holdings A Leader in Alternative Financing

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To obtain a loan from a financial institution, one has to fill a lot of paperwork and offer collateral that is of equivalent or exceeding value to the money one is borrowing. The financial institutions also require the borrower to pay the loan with a fixed interest. It’s a lengthy and a complex process that…

Honey Birdette Love Products

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There are many people who want to open up a business for themselves. In Australia, the economy is starting to pick up steam as more people than ever before open up companies. One of the most interesting is Honey Birdette. This is the first company in the country that is just about love products. There…

Securus Technologies Is Offering a Great Communications Program for Correctional Facilities To Utilize

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Securus Technologies is offering great communications solutions for inmates and their visitors. Traditional forms of visitation has often consisted of visitors simply visiting inmates at their correctional facility location; however, this can be quite difficult for visitors who are required to travel great distances to visit their significant other, friend, relative, colleague, or co-worker. It…

UKV PLC Places French Wine At The Top Of Its Success List

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The work of the UKV PLC vintners has always been at the top of the London based wine markets that grew up in the 1980s when U.K. based wine merchants began a run of success in discovering the best wines available in Europe. French wines are regulated by strict government regulations that have grown up…

Sujit Choudhry Talks About the Importance of Constitutional Change

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Well known legal expert Sujit Choudhry recently sat down to talk about constitutional law in an interview. During this interview, Sujit would discuss his outlook towards the need for changes in constitutional law. When he spoke at his interview, he said that making changes to a constitution is very beneficial because it can help nations…

EOS – Not Your Granma’s Lip Balm

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EOS is a breath of fresh air for the lip balm market. The days of boring and plain lip balms are over. Seven years ago, the pastel-colored orbs of EOS were born and because of that, you can now enjoy brand-new and exciting lip balm flavors that are just for women. These fascinating orbs even…

Cassio Audi: A Financial Professional for Brazil’s Investments

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Cassio Audi is a financial manager who portrays outstanding leadership, communication, and interpersonal services for all investors. He has completed his education with a BA in Pontifical Catholic University and a MBA from Sao Paulo University. His extensive experience includes financial planning, investor relations, and business strategies for many different companies. He has over twenty-three…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces New Partnership

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently announced a new partnership that has the potential to greatly improve the treatment experience for their patients. They have partnered with Nanthealth and Allscripts to create an innovative new oncology treatment platform. The platform is known as Clinical Pathways. It will include all of the approved treatment…

ClassDojo Is a Beneficial App For Any School To Utilize in Their Curriculum

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ClassDojo is a wonderfully designed program that has been brought to the forefront of some of today’s most valuable apps as being one that may be able to provide quite a bit of benefits and advantages to children’s learning in school. It is an app that lets parents interact with teachers and vice versa. One…

Susan McGalla and the Legacy that She is Building

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Susan McGalla has been a very bright light in the retail clothing industry. She has made her way to the top, and she is giving very sound advice to any other women that are trying to break into this type of business.   Many might say that she serves as a motivation for any woman…

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