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Mr. Jason Hope has been dedicated to the world of technological advances for many years. He is currently writing articles for a large and well established technology website. He is also helping entrepreneurs with professional advice as he is also working as a consultant.

Mr. Jason Hope has been a strong proponent of the invention called The Internet of Things. That is, the connection that is established between two or more devices of the same or different kind by the means of Bluetooth. That technological advancement has been around for quite a few years but it has not yet been utilized to its full capacity I order to take full advantage of something so readily available and easy to access.

Mr. Jason Hope has been commenting in his many articles and most technological advances and new inventions that have been coming out but the Internet of things might be his favourite invention yet. He certainly believes that the internet of things might present humanity with more benefits than people are currently striving towards. Mr. Jason Hope sees widely beneficial uses for the internet of Things in terms of all fields of life.

According to Mr. Jason Hope, The internet of things can be utilized to our advantage both in urban and rural areas. The internet of things has actually been used for many years in urban areas. We can notice the connection between traffic lights for example and other technology which has been connected in order to perform to their best abilities. In terms of rural life, The internet of things can serve as a live data provider through which people can stay informed on the conditions of the roads at each moment as well as how the weather is changing. That can help farmers and other producers to divide their time and work in a way that will be the most productive.

Currently, the internet of things is used to some extent but it is capable of revolutionizing life as we know it at the office, and school, at factories, and even at home. All it takes is devices with Bluetooth.

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