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Investment management encompasses asset management of different assets from different securities such as bonds, real estate, and shares to realize specific investment objective for investors’ benefits. Investors include institutions such as pension funds, charities, insurance companies, corporations, education institutions, or private investors through direct investment contracts and collective schemes such as exchange-traded funds or mutual funds. Investment management encompasses financial analysis elements, stock selection, continuous investments monitoring, asset selection and plan implementation. Investment management companies are among the largest multinationals globally with millions of global workforce.

In the United States, the name of a company and individual involved in investment management activities is an investment or fund manager. The job of an investment advisor is supervision of decisions on fund management. A study by Boston Consulting Group established that investment management fee hit $62.4 trillion in 2012 after five years of stagnant growth. According to Cerylli Associate projections, investment management industries assets approximated $70.2 trillion by the end of 2013. The majority of the United States’ investment management funds belong to a few companies with 99.7 percent or seventy thousand funds going into only 185 funds. Similarly, most investment managers’ inflow estimated at 50% goes to three funds.

United has some of the globally most reputed investment managers. Among them is Matthew Autterson, a Colorado-based investment management magnate. Matthew Autterson has over two decades experience in the investment management industry as the president of one of the biggest state chartered investment bank in the United States. He currently serves as Denver, CO. investment advisor. Before joining Denver, Co. Matthew Autterson served as an investment advisor at Win Wealth Management Inc. for almost a decade. He has both professional financial specialist (PFS) and certified financial planner (CFP) certifications. Matthew Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan State University. He is an investment management practitioner in the larger Denver metropolis.

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