Bruno Fagali: An Advocate for Transparency in Contract Bidding

TThroughout his preliminary years of practicing law, Bruno Fagali has built a reputation of producing positive results in the area of regulations and compliance. With over a decade of practicing administrative law, Bruno Fagali’s primary focus has been on improving the ethics and transparency of regulatory and bidding law. In addition, Fagali has worked with a variety of companies including the Brazilian Society of Public Law, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the Getillo Vargas Foundation.

Mr. Fagali received his law degree from the University of Sao Paulo. With a concentration in regulatory law and bidding. Mr. Fagali started as an intern for several law firms. His workload encompassed family law, administrative contracts and regulatory law. As a practicing lawyer, his focus was administrative Appeals, Civil Actions and contracts. Litigating these cases before Public prosecutors and the Courts of Account. His practice has focused on different aspects of corruption associated with public funds. Mr. Fagali has been a strong advocate of reforming the compliance of public law when it comes to anti-corruption and bidding on public funds. His passion for the industry has enabled him to attract attention and become a notable figure in Brazil due to his passionate views.

Bruno Fagali is currently the CEO of Fagali Law in Brazil. The organization focuses on anti-corruption, election and compliance law. Mr. Fagali is well known for creating streamlined and transparent systems for a variety of organizations, especially in areas associated with public funds. He is also a Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova/sb an advertising agency. Nova/sb has worked with clients such as the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization. His position focuses on creating and managing an ethics committee within the organization. His work within the organization focuses on integrating ethics within the organization through compliance training.

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