The Prosperity of John Goullet

John Goullet is a man who has been in the IT Staffing industry, he has a great and long experience thus an expertise in the field. All this makes him also an entrepreneur who has been working hard in his business. In his higher education, John achieved a master’s degree in computer science from Ursinus College. Right away from college John Goullet started working as an IT Consultant. This became a piece of cake to him and as a result, he began his business in IT Staffing. This was also a success and Info Technologies was born.


Info Technologies has the responsibility of finding solutions that deal with IT staffing for various companies. Over 500 companies have been helped by Info Technologies. This company is successful because in 5 years it was able to accomplish $30 million and it had the opportunity of appearing on the Inc Magazine as the top private US Company that has grown in few years. After a while, the firm joined Diversant Inc and as accomplished companies, they became Diversant LLC. As the principal of Diversant LLC, John Goulett works on creating new strategies. The success of the firm is also due to the hard work of the staff members who have always committed themselves to achieve more success.


Some of the roles of the employees are ensuring that they have their customers increased thus their financial status can also increase. IT staffing sometimes may be difficult to handle therefore to avoid this, employees are always alert in what they do so that they can be ready for any difficulty they may face.


John Goullet is grateful to the staff members because together they have the company developing to more prosperity. Goullet always counter checks on their services to make sure that they are okay and as a result, he is able to uphold their customers. Diversant LLC has so far received a certificate of minority-owned business due to its devotion to working hard. Furthermore, the profit f the organization has also been maintained. As a company, Diversant LLC follows up on their values to accomplish their objectives.

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