End Citizens United Fights a Rigged Political System through Donations

A new political group by the name End Citizens United launched its operations in the American political landscape. The group’s primary mission was electing the right political leaders in America. End Citizens United has raised over $2 million over the past years. This amount was from small donors. The group is set to raise over $25 million according to the communications director Mr. Richard Carbo. As a political pacesetter, the primary intention of the committee is passing a constitutional amendment set to reverse the critical ruling made by the high court in 2010. End Citizens United has been fighting to have a name in the political landscape. Towards this agenda, the group has amassed over 325,000 donors who have signed the petition demanding for legislation. There are high chances of the number rising depending on the political atmosphere of the states.




Faced with the challenge of combating a rigged political system, End Citizens United managed to collect more than $ 4 million in mid-2017. The group is committed to amassing over $ 35 million in 2018. The amount will be useful in facilitating the 2018 elections given that in the 2016 general elections, End Citizens United garnered $25 million. This was a reflection of the group’s commitment to chairing the political landscape given that it was the first election they were participating in since the establishment.




According to Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, more than 90,000 individuals have pledged to commit to the group. The same number has made their first contribution towards the same course. In this year alone, over 40,000 individuals have made their first contribution. End Citizens United is committed to making sure that the elected candidates are cheerleaders for campaign finance reforms. The group has been feeling that the current cabinet and the president of the United States are undermining them. To take matters into their hands, they are set to contribute a substantial amount of money towards ending a corrupt leadership regime. End Citizens United supports Democrats.




A few months ago, the group mobilized contributors into donating towards the election of Jon Ossoff. Jon is a political contender for Georgia. He is a first-time candidate who surprised his counterparts after giving more than $4 million towards his election. Jon is seeking to replace Tom Prince following his election as health as well as human resource secretary. Muller stated that the team highly supports the election of Jon and that they will do anything to have the right people in office.




End Citizens United is a political action group set to combat corrupt leadership in the American political landscape. The group derived its name from the decision to implement the committee made by the Supreme Court in 2010. The group’s agenda is electing leaders who are elected fairly.




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