ClassDojo- A Valuable Resource for Parents and Teachers

All parents worry about their kids, and sometimes, parents feel that they don’t have the right tools needed to be able to monitor their children to ensure their success in school. Sometimes, teachers can have a hard time managing all their students’ grades, monitoring their behavior, and knowing how to advise their students’ parents on their children’s well-being in school. ClassDojo is a vital tool for parents and teachers, and helps to accommodate for many of the worries that a fretting parent might have, as well as reducing the amount of work and stress involved in a teacher’s school day.

Reduce Parental Concern

The ClassDojo app can help teachers reduce the worries of their students’ parents via regular behavior reports. By having students register into their designated classroom, the teacher can monitor the behaviors of each student, and know exactly what they are doing. The teacher can then use that data to compile it into a report of each student’s behavior, which can later be sent via email to the parents. This helps keep parents up-to-date on their child’s school life, so that they can know when their child needs to talk. This is effective at helping parents know how to help their child, and is more informative then just simply asking them, “How was your day?”.

Notify Parents of Things of Importance

The ClassDojo app can also help teachers relay urgent messages to parents, and vice versa. For example, if a student was to fall ill in class, the teacher could communicate to that student’s parents that they need to be picked up. This way, the parent can accordingly respond to the situation at the time, and even though they could just get in touch with the teacher via the school’s front desk, it’s much more convenient for the parent to be able to directly message the teacher. It also gives the parent a sense of comfort and security when they talk with the teacher that they are familiar with, not just some random office staff.

Promote Positive Improvement in Students

ClassDojo can also encourage students to behave better in class, as each action that they do will have a positive or negative effect on their in-app avatar. If the student behaves well, they are rewarded with dojo points, and if they misbehave, they will lose dojo points. Using these dojo points, they can buy different accessories to customize their avatar with. Through this system, students will be more motivated to behave well, and will act out of place less often, as they’ll want to get lots of dojo points to customize their avatars.


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