Ricardo Tosto: An Experienced Brazilian Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is one of the established lawyers in Brazil. He has been admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association and is part of the 847,921 members. Order of Attorneys of Brazil is the body behind the regulation of lawyers in Brazil.

Law practice is a respected career in Brazil. Most of the people in Brazil strive to pursue law as it is a lucrative career. The Brazilian education system has managed to establish Law school in every state in Brazil. One is expected to go through five years of academic courses. Before you can practice law in the Country, you need to pass the Bar examination.

The law career in the Brazil attracts great benefits. The lawyers have attractive salaries, and that is one of the reasons that most lawyers consider working in Brazil.

Brazilian Law has been derived from German Civil Law, French Law, Italian, and Portuguese Laws. Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and it is divided into two courts. There is the Superior Court of Justice that deals with the special appeals and the Non-constitutional cases in Brazil. The second court is the Supreme Federal Court that deals with the difficult and extraordinary cases and appeals.

About Ricardo Tosto

More info about Ricardo Tosto is a partner at the Tosto, Barros Advogados, and Leite. He has practiced law in the firm for 25 years. Over the years, Ricardo Tosto has advocated for justice for different individuals including politicians, governments, and the multinational groups. Ricardo has also been involved in the training of his associates.

Ricardo Tosto is an entrepreneur and has focused his efforts in the growth of his law firm. The firm is a full-service law firm and deals with business law. The Firm also focuses on conflict resolution, administrative services, and judicial litigation.

Ricardo Tosto has opened other offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro in addition to their Sao Paulo office. Ricardo is also an author.

Tosto holds graduated with a Bachelor of Law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He also has a background in Business Administration from the Armando Alvares Penteado.

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