The unique leadership style depicted by James Dondero

NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc has appointed James Dondero as their new board chairman. Mr. Dondero has over 30 years experience in the capital markets industry and is expected to bring revolutionary change in the company. Apart from serving as the board chairman, James also holds several positions as president and co-founder of Highland capital management, founder and president of NexPoint advisors and chairman of NexBank.
All the companies that James Dondero holds positions are affiliates of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. Thanks to his immense knowledge and experience, Highland Capital Management and its affiliate companies control assets worth at least $21 billion. Before founding Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero acted as Chief Investment Officer of GIC a subsidiary of protective life. During his term in office, GIC grew to a $2 billion business from 1989 to 1993. Mr. Dondero also helped manage $1 billion for American Express in 1980.
James Dondero holds an impressive record with experience in managing: investment grade corporate, emerging markets, leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, preferred stocks, common stocks and derivatives. Through this impressive portfolio, many companies that have been run by James have grown to multi-billion companies.
Courtesy of his leadership style and innovation, James Dondero heads the boards of one of the most reputable Trust companies in the world. NexPoint Trust is publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange as a REIT with the symbol NXRT. This company majors in acquisition, ownership and operation of middle-income multifamily properties that are well located. Most of the properties under this company have potentials of increasing their value. In addition, these properties are located in big cities or suburban submarkets of large cities in Southeast and Southwest of the United States. NXRT works with its affiliates to ensure operations run smoothly. NXRT also has a stock worth of $13.40 which is expected to rise with the new leadership in place.
It is expected that James Dondero will bring quality and experience to the board. Additionally, with his experience NXRT will continue to grow its stake and take over the global markets. With the leadership style and remarkable portfolio, NXRT will definitely get a positive transformation.
It goes without saying that NXRT board chairman is a prolific leader who has what it takes to grow the value of any business. For anyone who wishes to bring transformation to their business, they should try and emulate the style of leadership depicted by James Dondero.

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