Month: August 2017

EOS Crystal is Here: Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid on Shelves now

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If you haven’t heard about EOS’s latest announcement, you’re sure to soon. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, just announced a revolutionary new line of lip balm products. The line will be called EOS Crystal and is now available in stores throughout the globe. Jump to this website to find out more hints of the product,…


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Since its beginning in 2013, Fabletics has changed the landscape in gyms throughout the country. Grey and black are no longer the only choice for women purchasing athleisure. Fabletics now provides a wide selection of comfortable, affordable, breathable athletic apparel in fun, trendy patterns. Fabletics has 22 stores where women’s sports wear and accessories are…


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Highland Capital Management is a SEC- registered investment firm that was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero back in the year 1993. It is among the largest and most disciplined, bold and experienced international substitute credit managers. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and upholds other offices in Singapore, Seoul Sao Paolo as…

Igor Cornelsen’s Business Acumen of the Brazilian Market

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A calm man he is, but very vibrant when it comes to investment choices. Igor Cornelsen has an extensive experience with the versatility of the Brazilian economy and can from a mile away differentiate a viable business opportunity from the other. Just like other investors who invest in the securities he is a risk taker…

Eric Pulier: A Renowned Person in the Technology Field

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Eric Pulier is renowned for his hard work in creating and realizing a very positive effect in the world. In the year 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck Hugh School. He later furthered his studies in one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious universities, Harvard University. At the university, Eric Pulier studied a Bachelor…

Honey Birdette lingerie stance to marriage equality

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Marriage is all about the love and commitment that is shared between two willing people. Everyone should be given an equal opportunity when it comes love, obligations, and happiness. Given that Australia is a country that is based on the virtue of all citizens are equal, the same equality standards ought to apply when it…

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Much

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero on Zingano Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Training and So Much More Besides heading Grupo Televisa, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has worked with Zingano BJJ for two years now and has learned its style, along with additional fighting forms and methods. He has nearly tried it all in the world of MMA as well….

I’m Addicted to EOS Lip Balm!

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Girls, I have a problem! I can’t stop obsessing over EOS, my favorite lip balm brand. If you haven’t tried them, chances are good that you have been living under a big rock. Let me tell you why I love them so you won’t judge me for owning just about every flavor! See more great…

Talos Energy Drills Oil in Mexican Waters

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On May 21, 2017, Talos Energy LLC became one of the first foreign companies to drill in Mexican waters for offshore oil since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938. Since 1938, only the state-run firm Petroleos Mexicanos or Pemex had operated in Mexico. However, by 2013 the Mexican government recognized that Pemex had not…

Talos Energy – Focusing on Oil Drilling and Exploration in Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

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The energy market in Mexico has been growing fast in the past few years after the discovery of oil reserves in its coastal waters of Gulf of Mexico. Pemex, a Mexican oil, and gas company have been the primary and the only oil and gas explorer in the country for many years. However, the energy…

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