Top 3 Purchased Eos Lip Balm Flavors

EOS Lip balm is known for their line of lip products sold in a cute little pod, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the lip balm is all natural. The creators of EOS wanted to create a product that not only looked and tasted amazing but also had health benefits. EOS claim their product is guaranteed to result in silky smooth lips because of the ingredients in the lip balm. All of their products are made with Shea butter, are hypoallergenic, and are rich in vitamin E, making it a healthier option for lip care than petroleum based products. Although they have a lot of different flavors and even some that are strictly seasonal, they have three flavors that seem to be the most popular and top flavors of the bunch. Check out more fun stories here on


1.Vanilla Mint. Vanilla mint EOS combine two very popular chap-stick flavors and puts them into one. The vanilla flavor gives you a sweet taste to savor and the mint makes your lips feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This flavor is in a striped white and blue capsule and is sold individually and in some variety packs. Shop here!


2.Coconut Milk. Coconut milk EOS is a great flavor for those who like a very subtle tasting chap-stick. It is found in a pink and white striped capsule and is a great accessory to any purse or bag. The coconut flavor gives it a very tropical feel making it a very good lip balm for the summer. It can be found individually sold or mixed in a variety pack with the other striped capsule series, see here at


 3.Pomegranate. Pomegranate EOS, which is recognized by its bright red capsule, was one of the first flavors of EOS ever created. This classic flavor is good for any season and is one of the flavors mixed in with most variety packs. If you can’t decide which flavor to try first, the originals are always a good start.


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