I’m Addicted to EOS Lip Balm!

Girls, I have a problem! I can’t stop obsessing over EOS, my favorite lip balm brand. If you haven’t tried them, chances are good that you have been living under a big rock. Let me tell you why I love them so you won’t judge me for owning just about every flavor!

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First of all, EOS lip balms have the cutest shaped containers and applicators. They are conversation pieces by themselves. I like making a fashion statement when I moisturize my lips, okay? Am I alone here? For instance, check out the Shimmer lip balm. I mean, gorgeous!

I have the sheer pink Shimmer, because I’m a shameless girly girl, but the pearl and coral are stunning. It’s the perfect light tint enhanced by a little glitz and glam. And, as always, EOS doesn’t disappoint with its quality ingredients like shea butter, antioxidants, and essential oils.

Now, if you are a more traditional minty lip balm kind of girl, you will dig the Vanilla Mint flavor. It is perfect for chapped lips that need a little TLC. It feels so fresh on my lips and, again, the container is just beautiful. It totally makes me feel pampered.

At this point, ladies, I will never again use boring, harsh, ugly stick balms that don’t heal my lips or make me feel pretty! And EOS is an affordable luxury for me, with most of the flavors under four or five dollars, order here!

So, it’s your turn…which one is your favorite? You know you want one! Have fun, ladies and thank you EOS! Blog Reference:

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