Honey Birdette lingerie stance to marriage equality

Marriage is all about the love and commitment that is shared between two willing people. Everyone should be given an equal opportunity when it comes love, obligations, and happiness. Given that Australia is a country that is based on the virtue of all citizens are equal, the same equality standards ought to apply when it comes to marriage.


Honey Birdette is a lingerie shop found at Rundle Mall in Sydney, Australia. Eloise Monaghan is the founder and managing director of Honey Birdette. She is a huge supporter of the equality in marriage bill in Australia. On Monday 14th August 2017, Honey Birdette’s employees took to the streets of Sydney in protest for the marriage equality bill ahead of parliament’s vote on the issue. The company streamed this proceeding on social media in a bid to gather support for the course.


Two posters of models in a new underwear range are mounted on the windows of the shop. This advertisement is set to leave little imagination to passersby. This has caused a stir at the Rundle Mall. Those who know the store and what products are sold are said to not get offended by the posters. However, a number of people still find this inappropriate. Eloise Monaghan mentions that the reason for having such posters is an indication of the stores continued support for marriage equality. She believes that more companies ought to follow suit in supporting this bill.


Despite business and politics not flowing together, it is important for businesses to take a stance and support the public they serve. Not only do such actions help in creating awareness about a particular issue, but it also creates brand awareness and strengthens customer loyalty for the business. This is why Honey Birdette continues supporting the equality in marriage campaign in Australia, that’s according to Eloise Monaghan.

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