Eric Pulier: A Renowned Person in the Technology Field

Eric Pulier is renowned for his hard work in creating and realizing a very positive effect in the world. In the year 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck Hugh School. He later furthered his studies in one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious universities, Harvard University. At the university, Eric Pulier studied a Bachelor of Arts in English as well as American Literature. Since then, Eric Pulier has dedicated his life to helping the marginalized people in the society. He has also helped both the poor and young people who are prone to many illnesses such as chronic diseases and other conditions. He has also targeted his works in the field of innovation pertaining technology. During his time as a student, Eric Pulier also served as a student journalist. In addition to that, Eric Pulier was the author of a famous column for the Harvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier graduated from the Harvard University and later to move to Los Angeles back in the year 1991. He later achieved a milestone by founding People Doing Things. This was a company that dealt in providing services which included healthcare and also improve and revolutionize the education sector. Moving on in the year 1994, Eric Pulier founded Digital Digital Evolution. This was an agency that was very interactive. In the year 1998, Eric Pulier merged Digital Digital Evolution with another company, the US Interactive LLC. It is also important to note that Eric Pulier was chosen by the presidential inaugural committee in the year 1997 to finish up the technological exhibit dubbed “The Bridge to the 21st Century”.

Over a period of a long time, Eric Pulier has been a key player in the technology field in the world. Having done a remarkable job, for instance, he has been able to start and also co found 15 companies. This include SOA Software, Desktone, and many others. Eric Pulier has done very well in raising lot of money for companies. All his life Eric Pulier has shown a great deal of responsibility towards humanity by being involved in philanthropic works and also activities to enable and empower many children’s education.

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