Igor Cornelsen’s Business Acumen of the Brazilian Market

A calm man he is, but very vibrant when it comes to investment choices. Igor Cornelsen has an extensive experience with the versatility of the Brazilian economy and can from a mile away differentiate a viable business opportunity from the other. Just like other investors who invest in the securities he is a risk taker but somewhat distinct because he only makes calculated moves only. Even when all investors are devastated by the economy, this hedged and shielded investor has something to smile about.

When the Brazilian economy was on a downward trend sometime back, his input as one of the financial brain in the country made the nation’s light shine again. His career of 40 years has only groomed his life with great knowhow and experience precisely in the field of finance, investment and banking. To sail against the tides in the Brazilian market, knowledge is fundamental.

Sometimes give advice not as what we would want to hear but just as it is. He once said that wise investor invest in damaged stock and not damaged companies. This sounds peculiar, right? Hold, damaged stocks have prospects of revamping while damaged companies is an outright loss. Emulating investor there before and if possible have them guide on the market can work gainfully to the investor. Worthwhile is the fluctuating currency which at the moment is overvalued. Nonetheless, the market is favorable to both foreign and domestic investors; it has arable land, resources, climate and up to date infrastructure.

About Igor Cornelsen

He is an avid investment expert, remarkably doing well in Brazil. To him the market encompasses all suitable specs for growth. Igor Cornelsen began working at an investment bank then held prestigious roles in finance sector. Currently he invests in the stock market with majorly the Bainbridge Investment Inc. here he channels his fortune on securities, mutual funds, annuities and insurance. Integrity is important to him, since you will always be judge by corporate worked with. He therefore believes in working hard and trapping potential whenever it presents itself or a promising venture.

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