Highland Capital Management is a SEC- registered investment firm that was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero back in the year 1993. It is among the largest and most disciplined, bold and experienced international substitute credit managers. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and upholds other offices in Singapore, Seoul Sao Paolo as well as New York. Highland Capital Management majors in credit strategies, which includes credit hedge funds, distressed and special situation private equity, long only funds and separate accounts as well as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). The firm also offers a number of substitute investments which includes emerging markets, natural resources and also long or short equities.


The firm embraces diversity so much such that its client base diversity includes; endowments, public pension plans, foundations, financial institutions, governments, corporations, high net-worth individuals as well as fund of funds. Under its management, together with its affiliates the firm has a good number of assets which is approximately $18 billion.


Highland gives back to the community in so many ways. The firm does not invest in financial markets only, it boldly invests in the communities that its employees live and work. The firm is also commits to making a difference in the community through advisory board involvement, volunteerism and financial donations. The firm donates to both the national nonprofit organizations and the local community organizations. To a reasonable number of organizations all over the world, the firm together with its partners have managed to commit more than $10 million since the year 2015.


As much as the firm always give support to investment industries it also provides a number of substitute equity strategies. These strategies tries to deliver equity-like returns over the whole market cycle with reduced instability, draw-downs and dangers than the index funds. Highland also offers a well-balanced and well-organized approach to investment. This has allowed it to offer robust and reliable performance in various market environments.


Its long and short equity funds usually runs with net long bias results in considerably lower risk than general equity market while still catching much upward equity market inherent desire. In this case therefor the main goal of alternative equity strategies remains the risk management and capital preservation.

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