Lime Crime Releases Gorgeous Plum Lipstick Which Will Make You Fall In Love

Lime Crime is the makeup brand that men and women use when they’re looking to stand apart from the crowd. That’s because Lime Crime makes big, bold, and beautiful statements. They do this by differentiating themselves from the typical makeup brands that you would find in drug stores.

Lime Crime is all about the bright, eye-catching, and head-turning colors. They offer every possible color of lipstick that you can think of. The company is trying to steer people away from the thought that lips should only be shades of pinks and purples. Instead, Lime Crime has a whole slew of colors. They offer blues, greens, yellows, purples, reds, and more! They have shades that range from bright to dark.

Lime Crime offers a very popular line of lip color called Velvetines and people go crazy over it. That’s because it glides on smooth, stays put, and looks flawless. The Velvetine lipstick line is one of the most popular products that Lime Crime has to offer and they seem to have quite the following. Fans are now thrilled because there’s a new color that they can get their hands on!

According to, Lime Crime has just added the color Scandal to their lineup. Scandal comes in a rich purple-violet hue which is perfect as we enter these cooler fall months! The color is a gorgeous deep shade which will compliment almost any outfit and is perfect for daily wear. Scandal is liquid-to-matte lipstick which makes it look smooth every time it’s applied.

Scandal is perfect for fans to get creative with! They can pair it with glitter, eyeshadow, or liner from Lime Crime. They can also make their lips two tones by utilizing two Velvetines or mixing it up with Diamond Crushers. Lime Crime is all about helping people create looks that are entirely their own.

Overall, Lime Crime has a product for everyone. They prove this by releasing Scandal, a plum matte lipstick that anyone can enjoy no matter what the season or the reason. Lime Crime products are designed to make you look good, stand out, and feel confident in what you look like.

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