David Giertz: With Proper Planning, It Is Possible to Save for Retirement and Live a Fun-Filled Life

Most Americans have developed a habit of putting some money aside for savings, contrary to what many think. A good percentage have put in efforts to ensure their retirement years are well covered. Most of these people, however, find it difficult to take out some money from their savings accounts for spending. The thought of a future event that can need a large amount of money holds them from spending money on simple fun like holidays. The sad aspect of this behavior is that they miss out on realizing their heart desires as youths. Also, they lead gloomy lives with minds that are not fully satisfied. David Giertz, a financial advisor, believes that a person can have a taste of both worlds. He shared some advice on how one can achieve a balance between saving and living a life of their dreams.

Saving for Fun

Saving for a retirement calls for a lot of discipline in order to succeed. People need to incorporate their dreams when laying out a saving strategy. Adopting an approach that works towards achieving the dream ensures that one does not miss out. A retirement plan should also include saving for activities that were previously left out because of other life engagements. This aspect is as important as incorporating the money to leave to one’s heirs. Another tool that can ease up individuals to take out money for fun filled lives is a budget. A budget allows one put down all the expenses. It is advisable to include some money for holidays and traveling. Once they are down on paper, it becomes easier to spend. David Giertz advice on people saving liquid cash on the side rather than putting all their money on stocks. This way, they will not be scared of selling the stocks if a need arises.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a veteran financial advisor with experience of over 30 years drawn from working for leading financial companies. He previously worked for Citigroup and currently works for Nationwide Financial Distributors.

He is an alumnus of the Millikin University where he studied a course in business administration, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. David is an MBA holder from the University of Miami-School of Business.

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