The importance of Oncotarget on Therapy

Cancer is a disease that is very challenging to treat today. The fact that new evidences on the disease are emerging make it among the riskiest diseases in the world. A good percentage of the active population is at the highest risk of developing the disease. The causes of cancer are several. The current medical developments have not exhausted the possible causes. The treatment and therapy methods are equally getting improved so as the increase the quality of medication.

The assessment of the levels of therapy

Therapy is majorly important in the management of cancer. There is a difficulty in identifying the right forms of therapy that would be useful in certain cancer patients. The qualities of therapies that have been selected are poor. Most of them do not meet the standards that would sustain a patient. There is a general feeling in the world today that cancer cannot be treated. The feeling has stuck to the minds of the people, and there is very little that is done about it and read full article.

Why Oncotarget is necessary

The poor therapies that were adopted were as a result of the scarcity of information on cancer treatment methods. The conditions could be improved if the medical researchers could get more information on therapies. The biggest challenge with getting the information is that most journals that contain these important treatment methods are expensive. Some of these journals are not available at all. Cancer is a practical disease, and it requires a practical approach to treatment. There is more need to carry out experimental medical research to prove the authenticity of the therapies and Oncotarget on Facebook.

Oncotarget, through the leadership of Mikhail Blagosklonny and other willing professors, has dedicated their time to the provision of quality solutions. Since Mikhail Blagosklonny has dealt with different research programs on cancer and ageing, he has gathered enough information on the right way to handle cancer therapies. Currently, the organization is focusing on doing several experiments on cancer conditions then publishing journals about them. The most important thing about the organization is that it does not sell the journals to the medical researchers or the public. The impact factor of the organization had increased from 3.9 when it started to about 5.2 in 2017 and

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