Month: October 2017

OneLogin Article Recap: 3 Lessons Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

Posted by in Application

While the wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones can teach us a lot about politics, friendship and relations, few of us have likely considered it a source of information about cyber security. Nevertheless, Author Jack Shepherd of OneLogin found 3 important lessons to be found, which he detailed in a recent article. Noting the…

Reaping the Benefits of Talkspace

Posted by in Anti-Social Personality Disorder

There are a wide range of disorders that people deal with on a daily basis. Some people that are dealing with these issues are not dealing effectively because they have not talked through their issues with anyone. Talk-space is the app that is making it possible for people that have certain disorders like borderline personality…

The In’s And Out’s Of Managing Your Property

Posted by in Online Banking

To first get our services for your property, you have to look at the in’s and out’s. Cost is the main objective in this phase of ensuring value and investment returns on your land. Even if you have no desire to sell, the ownership of your property overtime is best when you understand your needs…

How are White Shark Media Living Up to their Positive Reviews over the Years?

Posted by in Digital Marketing

Online marketing has been providing phenomenal results to the small, medium, and large enterprises for many years now. It has decreased the importance of the traditional forms of marketing entirely as internet marketing is economical and provides more effective results. White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America…

Dr. Edward Honig gets to the heart of your health in NYC

Posted by in General Practitioner

There is no lack of options when it comes to choosing a cardiologist in New York City. With easy access to world class medical facilities and practitioners, patients can have their pick of the best most experienced doctors in the world. Understanding what a cardiologist does and what they do for your health can help…

IDLife: Your fingerprint to wellness

Posted by in Entrepreneur, People’s Success

IDLife is a health and wellness company specialized in healthy nutrition. IDLife offers personalized plans for nutrition and supplementation to support any goal, from weight losee to overall wellness. IDLife products include vitamins and supplements, energy shots, nutritional bars, protein powders, and skin care. Combined with exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle, IDLife can…

Sentient AI – The Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimization

Posted by in SEO

It is common knowledge amongst internet marketers that traffic is a very important aspect of any online business. However it is less understood that conversions are at least as important. Only those who convert by spending their money will help your business grow. By increasing conversion one can increase their profitability at least as much…

David McDonald Guides the OSI Group to Outstanding Accomplishments

Posted by in Business Leaders, OSI Group

Mr. David G. McDonald currently works at the OSI Group- a privately held global food processor as both the president and the Chief Operating Officer. The businessman took his education at the Lowa State University between 1983 and 1987 pursuing a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While at the school, he received the Wallace E….

George Soros Helping Make World a Better Place Through His Wealth, Resources, and Political Activities

Posted by in Finance, Investment

George Soros is one of the most influential personalities in the political landscape of the United States and is often linked with the political scenario of many other countries as well. Born as a Hungarian Jew, George Soros spent his early childhood in Budapest, Hungary, where he witnessed the Nazi Occupation of his country and…

The CEO and President of Nabor Industries Tony Petrello and his commitment

Posted by in Charity, Research

The majority of the American have the thinking that whoever holds an executive position at an oil company is characterized by greed and often in vain. There exist certain individuals within the field whose personality differs from such speculations. A good example is Tony Petrello. He became broadly known even before getting to the high…

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