Classdojo: Technology And Education

Technology has been integrated into the classroom at an increasing rate in the recent past. Today technology plays a significant role in education. The development of the technology industry rapidly continues to change the traditional classroom setting as we once knew it and generally for the better.

Technology And Education

The tech industry has made education more accessible and convenient for students and parents. It has also given teachers the opportunity for teachers to be more creative in their lesson plans and made evaluating students a bit easier. Classdojo is one of the more recent developments.

The Classdojo App

The Classdojo application is a more recent application that has become popular in the field of education. It is an app that facilitates communication between teachers, students, parents and other concerned parties. The app can be used to share ideas on lesson plans, help students and even receive feedback and suggestions via personal messaging or message posting.

Additional Uses

Students can even use the Classdojo app to ask their teachers questions during non-school hours. Users can even share pictures of school events with others not in attendance (such as parents or sick students) in real time. The Classdojo application facilitates the free flow of suggestions and ideas.

Classdojo also has numerous features that some online sources report can inspire both teachers and students to do well in the classroom. Classdojo allows both teachers and their pupils to share the results of all their hard work.

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