Preston Smith, Co-Founder/President of Rocketship Education, and Ever-Valuable Info About Teaching He Recently Reflected On

The wage gap between poor and wealthy people in the United States of America – more formally referred to as income disparity – is wider than ever before, meaning the already-exorbitantly large amount of money held by America’s most wealthy is far more than total assets owned by poor and middle-class United States citizens.

Unfortunately, poor people are often concentrated in low-income areas, and don’t have enough money to relocate to upscale areas or enroll their children in expensive private schools. As a result, their children often aren’t privy to community-leading education, let alone learning experiences that lead their states – or, as if families of economic disadvantage had any reasonable shot at doing so – the entire United States of America.

Preston Smith is helping combat the tradition of low-income persons receiving low-quality educational experiences. He founded Rocketship Education in 2007, currently offering 18 facilities across America.

Throughout its first ten years of operation, Smith was privy to several bits of info that have been integral to his success today. One of them is the importance of parents in regular operations. They’re expected to perform the following three tasks:


The demographic makeup of instructors and principals need to run in concordance with that of students, rather than vice versa. A large number of schools attempt to perform this procedure, although it’s often not possible; when it does work, it doesn’t prove successful for schools, because the opposite builds morale in students – the former splits up existing student bonds and makes others disappointed.

Preston worked for an elementary school in San Jose for three years prior to founding one himself in 2004. Yet another three years later, he created another school, this time being Rocketship Education. Its students regularly earn test scores on standardized exams that match performances of private school attendees, effectively preparing its K-5, low-income-family-hailing students for life.

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