Sentient AI – The Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimization

It is common knowledge amongst internet marketers that traffic is a very important aspect of any online business. However it is less understood that conversions are at least as important. Only those who convert by spending their money will help your business grow. By increasing conversion one can increase their profitability at least as much as if they increase traffic. Sentient AI has built a platform that will help your online business convert more people and increase the value of each conversion.

In order to begin the process of Conversion Rate Optimization first the person looking to optimize must identify what they are trying to optimize whether that means sales in the case of ecommerce or clicks in the case of brand awareness. Then a combination of A/B tests and Multi Variate tests must be performed in order to determine how the website can be changed in order to optimize the results for conversion.

When the testing is completed then an analysis must be done not only of what changes to the webpage will effect the conversion rate but also how the users are interacting with the website as a whole. Another way to judge what the customer finds the ideal experience to be is to conduct surveys and polls. User testing is also helpful as this provides people with a holistic view of how prospective customers interact with their site, what they like about it and what they don’t, and the biggest painpoints for the prospective customers when they use the site.

Conversion Rate Optimization can start out as a series of hypothesis’ being tested through user testing, multi variate testing, or A/B testing and will continue during the entire lifetime of the websites existence. Continuous analysis is important as users often may change their interests over time and new users begin to use the site.

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