Avaaz’s Unique Approach To Online Activism

Online activism is the foremost method for normal people to get their message out and fight for what they believe, yet while it is extremely easy to do, it is very difficult to do effectively. For instance, anyone, at any point in time, can make a blog or several social media accounts dedicated to political issues, but that will only ever have a big impact upon the culture and the systems of power if that given individual becomes extremely popular – like millions and millions of subscribers and followers popular – which is unlikely to happen for most regular internet users. The online political activism and networking platform Avaaz, however, is looking to change all of that.

Avaaz, which is a ancient word which approximately translated into English means, rather fittingly, “voice,” describes itself as a online campaigning community that is focused on democratic reforms, individual rights and personal liberty. The group is currently one of the single largest digital activism groups in the entire world with a member base well over 45 million in nearly 200 different countries around the globe. What makes Avaaz quite different from most other online activism platforms is that all of the campaigns which the website undertakes are created, coordinated and carried out by Avaaz users rather than a small elite of website owners. In keeping with the site’s democratic principals, a massive vote is carried out, country by country, member by member, during each new campaign to decide which political problem should be tackled first and which course of action should be prioritized to achieve those ends and learn more about Avaaz.

One of the other things which makes Avaaz unique as far as political action organizations are concerned is the fact that the group has not, since its inception, ever accepted money from any politically affiliated foundations or think tanks, nor have they taken money from businesses or corporations. Rather, Avaaz is % 100 grassroots funded by its highly motivated and loyal members and it is, in large part, due to this dedication of principal and autonomy, that has driven Avaaz impressive rise to worldwide prominence.

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