Drew Madden: Successful Healthcare IT Entrepreneur

Drew Madden is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur who is specializing in healthcare IT projects. He is known for building passionate and competitive teams which are being trained inside a company that builds trust and confidence towards its employees. He is also known for being a trustworthy business partner and has a range of clients across the United States that has been his partner for years. Drew Madden has an experience of more than 10 years in the field of creating EMR projects. He is known for his exceptional skills in managing, advising, and implementing these kinds of projects so that they can be finished accurately on time. He managed to combine the skills and experiences that he developed creating state of the art EMR projects with the things that he learned from being a healthcare IT expert and it pushed him to become a successful entrepreneur focusing on the health industry.

Back when he was still in college, Drew Madden dreamt of being a successful businessman one day, with his own company specializing in something he thinks would be innovative. He graduated from the Iowa College of Engineering, and he received his degree in Industrial Engineering. After graduation, he looked for a job and found one at the Cerner Corporation. He worked there for four years, where he is creating and implementing a variety of inpatient clinical solutions that was effectively used by their clients. He would transfer to another company after four years, which was the Healthia Consulting Company, and will do the same job before being promoted to the business development department.

His career soared after he joined Nordic Consulting Partners. Drew Madden joined the company in 2010, and after one year, he was promoted to become the president. He would be holding this position for five years, and during his service as the president of the company, he managed to receive multiple awards, and multiple client contracts. The number of employees working for the company grew from 10 to 725 during his term, and their client partners rose from 3 to 150. He also transformed the annual revenue of the company, from only $1,000,000 to more than $130,000,000.


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