The Determination of JustFab Co-founder Don Ressler

The fashion industry is one of the most successful industries in the world. Recently, more consumers are looking for more ways to stay trendy, while also staying fit. When shopping for activewear, women typically have very few fashionable options. Entrepreneur Don Ressler took notice of the gap between the consumes needs and availability in the market of sportswear, and began exploring ways to make positive changes to the industry.

Always filled with ambition, Don Ressler had his sights set on a life as an entrepreneur as a young teen. After starting his own successful business and raising capital for several successful online retailers, Don Ressler launched Intelligent Beauty with his current business partner, Adam Goldenberg in 2006. Specializing in beauty and wellness, Intelligent Beauty offers products such as eye creams, jewelry, and accessories and hair care. Though he had little knowledge of fashion, what Ressler did possess was a desire to succeed. Realizing the potential for success in the fashion industry, the duo decided to explore options for reinventing the activewear market.

Staying relevant in an industry with consistent competition is difficult. With Amazon being in control of 20% of the e-commerce industry, keeping up can be difficult but that’s just what JustFab has done. In less than a decade, JustFab has grown from a small start-up to a $250 million online retailer. Both Ressler and co-founder Adam Goldenberg say much of their success can be attributed to their customers, and reviews from consumers. By always being mindful of the needs and wants of the consumer, JustFab has maintained the trust of their members and subscribers.

In 2010, JustFab was introduced as a subscription-based online fashion retailer. Members of the JustFab community enjoy a personalized shopping experience through the JustFab platform During the startup process, members are asked to complete a quiz about style. The quiz is used to help stylist personalize options for members each month, providing a worry-free and one-of-a-kind shopping experience. For just $39.95 a month, JustFab members have access to some of the most trending styles in fashion, at prices designed with the consumer in mind.

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