How Michel Terpins is Building his Name in the Rally Sector

Michel Terpins is a well-known Brazilian sports driver. The renowned rally participant has taken part and won many titles in rallying competitions. He comes from the famous sporting family of Terpins. In 2015 Michel and Justo, his brother, formed a duo. Michel drives a T-Rex that has landed him numerous podiums and awesome classifications in Brazilian sports.

Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins has worked with his brother, and the two have won many races. They were in the 22nd Sertões Rally. The talented siblings went for Prototypes T1 and completed in position seven. They explained that they were not familiar with the tough terrain. More caution and skills were necessary to improve their performance. In the 24th edition of Sertões Rally, they were in position five.

Plans to hold the 25th Sertões Rally is underway. The duo has another chance to show their expertise in the upcoming event. Sertões Rally is among the longest off-road races in Brazil, covering over 3000 km.

Michel Terpins Coming Out

Michel Terpins first participated in Sertões Rally in 2002. He started with motorcycles before boarding cars. Over the years, the gifted driver has perfected his skills and mastered terrains. He won the Brazilian Championship at Cross Rally Country. His determinations to handle new challenges and learn from past failures have kept the talented driver going.

His T-Rex machine motivates him to try new speeds and drive in new roads. It has a V8 engine making it a reliable car to match his preference. The additional components make the sports vehicle appropriate for the rough terrains. Green Initiative installed a carbon-free seal and compensated Atlantic Forest for any carbon dioxide emitted by the customized machine. Compensation involved tree planning in the forest to take care of the environment.


Michel Terpins is a great team player. He has managed his relations with Justo for years, and the team has participated in Sertões rally. The duo drove T-Rex machine for four consecutive seasons. MEM Motorsport designed the car to withstand the harsh roads. They won the Mitsubishi title and Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally challenge thanks to the customized rally car.

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