Jorge Moll, Innovator in the Medical Industry

Jorge Neval Moll Filoh is a Brazilian cardiologist. In 1977 Moll founded a health diagnostic laboratory. He is a certified cardiologist having received a Masters of Public Health from Universidale Federal De Rio De Janeiro. Later on, in his years Jorge mall transformed the lab he founded to today’s biggest network of independent hospitals in Brazil.

Later on, Moll decided to sell his labs D’or subsidiary with his partners Moll decided he wanted to acquire Sao Paulo-based Sao Luiz, another hospital group. He bought the hospital through convertible debentures. After the purchase, The Carlyle Group decided they wanted a share in his investment. The group bought 8.3% of his share in his business this was after five years. Read more about Jorge Moll at

Moll business proliferated. The hospital became the biggest having 4500 beds, it has acquired 27 hospitals under its belt and has a large emergency room that serves more than 2milliion patients in a year. The hospital owns 30 oncology clinics. Jorge decided to retire as the companies CEO and become chairman of the board in 2014.

Major Milestones in his life

Jorge Moll’s interest includes physiological and neural mechanisms that govern human choices and their social preference; and how human beings are shaped by the morals and values of these modified experience culture and neurological interventions. Moll is self-made, he is also an author of several self-published books. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Moll has made a significant impact on the economy of Brazil his decision to partner with the Carlyle Group paid off; he considers this partnership as a milestone that will allow Rede D’or to accelerate its plans to bring quality supply in the market plus future expansion.


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