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The stem therapy concept is complex although medics often simplify it. The cell therapy involves taking body cells and putting them in a patient to treat either an injury or a disease. According to Dr. Cameron Clokie, Regenerative medicine uses cells and biomaterials as well as molecules to fix body structures that have malfunctioned due to an injury or a disease. Numerous breakthroughs in regenerative medicine have been published in several scientific journals.

Several cell therapies have been conducted successfully globally. The first form of cell therapy was the blood transfusion. It entails the transfer of blood cells from donors to patients. Bone marrow transplantation was the next form of cell therapy after blood transfusion. The treatment enabled patients who have blood cancer to generate new blood cells from the bone marrows. Cell therapies carried out to treat burn injuries involves taking the cells of the patient to treat his burned body parts. Although several cell therapies have been successfully conducted, regenerative medicine treatments are not common yet.

There is a potential of reducing common disorders such as stroke, heart disease, and neurological conditions according to the Lancet report. Regenerative medicine also has the potential of increasing life expectancy and improving the health of people living with chronic diseases.

Many scientists around the world are researching to develop new regenerative medicine treatments to curb more common diseases and injuries. Numerous advances have been accomplished in the field of regenerative medicine. A chip technology was launched. The technology can heal organs and change cells from one type to another. Cell therapy has helped in saving the lives of hundreds of people and improving the lives of patients.

Cameron Clokie is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. He is also a professor of the same at the University of Toronto. He attended the McGill University and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also graduated with a Ph.D. in Bone Regeneration from the McGill University. He also holds a doctor’s degree in philosophy. He is the CEO of Induce Biologics Incorporation. Dr. Clokie is an author. He has published numerous reports and papers.

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