Barbara Stokes: CEO, Wife, and Mother

Barbara Stokes is a natural born leader. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC CEO has proven her leadership several times over. The Huntsville-based businesswoman has definitely made a name for herself as a Disaster Relief Contractor. Barbara co-founded Green Structure with her Husband Scott nearly a decade ago. Scott also functions as the company’s COO. In less than ten years this power couple has Built Green Structure into one of the leading companies in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry. Barbara, Scott, and the senior management team make sure to make innovation a priority so that the company never becomes stagnant and keeps moving forward.

Recently, Green Structure announced the creation of new manufacturing jobs spanning across eight states. This endeavor comes on the heels of Green Structure being awarded $28.5 million by Fema. Barbara Stokes believes the company’s investment in these communities is well worth it. Its work should help improve the economy of each area. Green Structure is also producing modular homes in Texas in wake of the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Green Structure has customers in both government and the private sector. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara knew in order for her to be successful education was the key. While attending Mercer University she studied multiple intense subjects. Some of which include Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Manufacturing and Management, Structures and Properties of Material, and Thermodynamics. To say she was a bookworm might be an understatement. Barbara graduated from the university in 2001. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Before she co-founded her own company she held positions at Pisces Corporation and Boeing. These two jobs gave her the experience needed to establish a company in her own vision.

The only thing more impressive than Barbara’s track record is her ability to juggle responsibilities. She manages to run a highly successful company while being an active member in her community, wife, and mother of three.


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