Gregory Aziz Has National Steel Car Ready to Roll Into The Next Century

One thing you can certainly say about the National Steel Car company is that CEO Gregory James Aziz certainly has them poised to do even bigger things in the future. National Steel Car has been rolling down the tracks for over 100 years, and in that time, have become the top manufacturing and engineering company in the world. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car doesn’t just produce high-quality rail-cars, they are committed to helping local and global organizations to thrive. Founded in 1912, National Steel Car has been focused on meeting and then exceeding the needs of their customers, but these days they also have an eye on giving back to the community.


Listen closely to how Gregory J Aziz talks about his company, you might be surprised at the secret to his success. Although National Steel Car has been manufacturing quality freight cars for decades, Greg Aziz says that his team of 2,000 dedicated employees are the fuel that makes this engine run so perfectly. Without the cornerstone of his organization, it would not be possible for them to give back in so many ways. Greg’s team and company as a whole have been collectively raising the bar in this industry for as far back as anyone can remember. This could be part of the reason that National Steel Car is honored with the TTX SECO annual award every year for the past decade.


National Steel Car is not your traditional company that is only focused on the bottom line, this is where they really excel. The entire workforce follows a code of conduct that transformed this company into the industry leader it is today. First, the workers are driven with a determination unlike any other. Next, they are always focused on the quality of the work and the commitment to excellence. Then you have a team that wants to lead, and finally they never forget where they came from by honoring traditions of their past. See This Page for related information.


Where National Steel Car pulls away from the competition is with their effort to give back. Initially, National Steel Car was focused on helping out local charitable organizations and companies like the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius. As the company grew, they wanted to give back and reach a global audience. Partnering with the likes of the United Way and Salvation Army allows charitable efforts to reach a global audience at last. Thanks to the pursuit of quality and excellence, National Steel Car continues to be a company that is only now hitting its stride.



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