Gregory Aziz: Giving It All

On April 30 of 1949, Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario. Often called James Aziz, he was born to a business-minded family. When he grew up, Greg Aziz knew that he wanted to go into the business world as well. He started his education at Ridley College and then went to the University of Western Ontario where he earned a degree in Economics. After graduating, he immediately began working in the family business. Greg Aziz proved that he had a head for business rather quickly and Affiliated Foods began to grow. They became a leading importer of fresh food and started exporting all over the world. This solid growth experience would play well into the future of Gregory Aziz.


With all the success of Affiliated Food, Aziz knew that be wanted something that was his very own. In 1994, he began negotiations with Dofasco to purchase National Steel Car. This small company had once enjoyed a stellar reputation in the freight car industry. Greg Aziz knew that he could bring them back to the top once again. His plans were big, but his motivation was bigger. Aziz started streamlining the manufacturing process and hired an additional 2,400 workers. This increased productions from a measly 3,500 cars a year to over 12,000. Nothing was standing in the way of this manufacturer now.


One of the earmarks of National Steel Car today is their intense focus on quality. They are the only freight car manufacturer and engineering company to be certified ISO 900: L2008. This is a big deal as they have done the work to continuously recertify their products and maintain their standards for over 18 years. In addition to this work, National Steel Car also holds TTX SECO’s award for high-quality products. They have held this honor since 1996, with no falter in their resolve to continue to make the best items they can.


National Steel Car and Aziz are also great pillars of their community. While their focus is on the global market, they are quick to help the people around them. National Steel Car is not only a leading employer in their area, but they are also patrons of the Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Salvation Army, and the Hamilton Opera. They also host a yearly Christmas party with food drives to help those that are less fortunate, and Gregory Aziz personally sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. National Steel Car is all about giving, in their community and globally.


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