Leadership: Jeffry Schneider’s Style

Any success in a startup or even established business needs precise leadership. Experienced leaders such as Jeffry Schneider, have had to develop easier approaches to help exploit

leadership competencies. Having led a high performing organization for a long time, Jeffry Schneider is an authority on matters of streamlining daily operations to get the best outcomes.

Leadership comes with much responsibility. On most occasions, institutions and organizations look up to you for solutions to difficult situations. On the upside, many people get to share the glory of your success while not many want to be on your side when failure beckons. You can always create a good mix of leadership competencies to ensure you achieve success. The good thing is you do not necessarily need to be in a big leadership role to exercise the competencies.

Delegating responsibility to junior officials is always a test of leadership capability. Good leaders don’t need to engage themselves in every other task. The overall success of the project is what matters, a delegation of responsibility needs to be done for as long as duties can be broken down. It also is important to design ways of ensuring others working with you are adequately motivated. While reasonable salaries are important, it is good to remember that they are not necessary inspirational enough to get employees motivated. Other things like promotions, reward and recognition go a long way in building employee self-esteem and encouraging them to invest more in the organization.

The ability to communicate effectively ranks high up in the list of competencies anybody should have. Your colleagues need to understand what you require of them, and as such you must communicate in clear and understandable terms. Proper communication amongst individuals of an organization eliminates the possibility of misunderstandings. Communication also enhances other leadership qualities such as trustworthiness. Trust comes with respect and respect comes with understanding. People simply respect leaders who understand and take their concerns seriously. Feedback needs to be sought from and be communicated to other members of your team. Without timely and adequate feedback, many people will struggle to finish their responsibilities.

Creativity is the other big thing that makes a lot of people get hired for senior positions. As a leader, a whole lot of decisions depend on you. Most of the decisions regard new situations that you and your organization haven’t been in before. How you handle them is up to you and largely depends on your creative potential. Creativity is only possible when leaders have a strong commitment to their responsibilities. The ability to follow through what has been agreed to inspires confidence and improves the image others have on you.


As for meetings and their productiveness, Jeffry Schneider has a few steps that he follows through to ensure productive interactions. The first and major one is to walk into the meeting with clear goals and objectives. It is a huge mistake to start a meeting without knowledge of what you expect to achieve. A good leader, therefore, should be able to paint the overall picture of the expectations as the meeting moves to refine specific outcomes. The second issue is to make sure you refine your meeting Agenda to just a few items. Bloated agendas rarely lead to qualitative meetings due to the protracted nature of the discussions and time constraints.

Jeffry Schneider insists on leaders trying hard to maintain clarity of the terms being passed across. To ensure you have been clear ask for others to give a summary briefing. Other important points include making sure you stay focused on the agenda and avoid distractions. The productivity of meetings is however gauged on the actionable takeaways the meetings come up with and the team’s ability to follow through.

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